Squid grows ahead

banner_logoIt's really interesting to see how the market evolves progressively, and to be part of those who provide the solutions to these changes, It is a constant challenge and definitely motivating. This year we have generated several internal implementations on different aspects, which always were based, constant product improvement and user feedback, which plays a more important role in developing our solutions.

XV-TECH is constantly working to meet market demands but steadily, pausing to analyze which is exactly what the user is in need to improve their working structures. In this regard, Not only are important features that constantly sum SQUID along its modules, but also supporting mechanisms that are provided to the user. That is why we generated SQUID Guard, support a policy that leads to a new level of interaction between the user and the technical department of SQUID. Under this type of support preventive and incidencial, SQUID Guard has status information installed on the client system, allowing to analyze and detect potential points of hardware failure or data inconsistencies, which they can be checked and resolved by the technical staff. This proactive mode, provides an extra level of security, when added to the structure of active redundancy SQUID, with automatic replication of different network modules, has definitely managed to provide a robust combo product and high quality after-sales service.

logoThis way of working, meeting the needs of our users and the market have given us coarse signals that we are on the right track. Two issues that occur today are undeniable and comfort us. We keep adding new projects to the family of SQUID and all users continue to expand our historical and updating their platforms with our products.

Updates and File schemes and MAM, are the issues that have driven growth over SQUID within the structures of channels and currently before this big change, continue to choose SQUID is a whole message.