Sony surveys were delivered to customers in Argentina

Grupo eventos

Eduardo De Nucci of Viditec and Guillermo Yuvone Event Group

On the last night I was held at the Faena Art, located in Buenos Aires in Argentina Sony Festival with Viditec, customer and industry, where classical awards that gives the Japanese during the Caper Show International Convention for major customers were made.

Eduardo de Nucci of Viditec thanked those present and who was clarified that: "Our industry is very dynamic and changing, and that all of us here always accept these constant challenges of change "


Polka received awards ceremony for Andrea Mirson

Along with the president of Sony PSLA and Daniel Testani of Viditec, the winners were: Guillermo Yuvone Event Group, Polka which was received by Andrea Mirson Artear, Daniel Monzoncillo La Corte, Patricio Jose Lobo Rabuffetti and Non Stop , Marcelo Scaiano by the TV Publica, Gustavo Telefe Capua.

Non Stop

Premiacion received by Patricio Jose Lobo Rabuffetti and Non Stop

Besides Daniel Testani stressed the importance of investments arrival 4 K and productions already made and is currently being developed in Argentina in this format.

Thus closing another year of Sony's presence at Caper 2015, Also during the fair where you could see the high presence of representatives of Sony of all Latin America who came to the country to attend the convention broadcast in Argentina