Imagine Communications bridges the gap between traffic and automation

Con Live-Update, Broadcasters have the ability to have more income opportunities.

nota_imagine-communications-acorta-la-brecha-entre-el-trfico-y-la-automatizacin_350x263Traffic and playout automation has always functioned as independent business systems. Generally, workflow processes are performed in silos through complex and repetitive manual tasks, reducing the efficiency and increasing the possibility of costly mistakes.

Live-Update of Imagine Communications allows tight integration between traffic and automation, data exchange using SMPTE BXF to connect traffic scheduling directly to the playlist. The instantaneous two-way communication eliminates manual errors change playlist.

The revenues are maximized, since inventory is available for sale until last minute, and workflows are faster and smarter, because the schedules are managed more efficiently.

With record update in real time Live-Update, broadcasters have a powerful tool to open communication between traffic and automation - seamlessly and transparently - but continuing with the user experience in each.

It has never been easier to capture those crucial last-minute income that can drive results. Learn more about how Live-Update can help increase productivity and incomes of operation.

Con Live-Update de Imagine Communications, broadcasters can maximize revenue from the sale of inventory and making changes to the programming and commercial content until airing.


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