Argentina: Cablevision reports the 45,1% increase in sales and 3,501 million subscribers

Cablevision-NUEVO-logpCablevision reported sales for the first nine months 2014, reached US $ 1.195,6 million ($ 10.182,6 million), This represents a growth of 45,1% compared to the same period last year.

The main driver of this increase was the increase in subscription fees and increased its customer base in cable TV services, TV digital e Internet.

As for Pay-TV subscribers, Cablevision has reported that 3.508.782. namely 20.114 new subscribers for which counted on 2013 and representing an increase of 0.57%. Within this portfolio of clients include 131.700 Subscribers are controlled by its subsidiary in Uruguay.

With regard to internet, Cablevision reported that its subsidiary has FiberTel 1.816.109 access, namely 135.282 New for which had in 2013 and representing an increase of 8.04%.

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