Football broadcast on Televisa 2015 en 4K

"Technology is an important part of the evolution in the productions, 4K is increasingly present in these, which gradually will be absorbed by this technology. In 2015 telenovelas already be in full with this technology. Also, first pass on a classic Mexican soccer match in 4K with the American team, which will light through pay TV, then transmit it in theaters and send for channel DTH ", as Elias Rodriguez said, Director of Operations for Televisa during the Festival of Technology, Creativity and Digital Entertainment (TAGMX).

Rodriguez, advance the Mexican television is regarding the production line of 4K technology, already with the 3D trend that was years back in production, Televisa qui fur just in Ameirca America gave the kick with soccer productions with these technologies, and although the 4K today it is working on Televisa in three soap operas, this trend will grow for realization of unit and original productions durate all 2015.

Referring to football streaming 4K America soccer team in Mexico, This will be supported by the cameras that have been used in soap operas and recorded in this format. Also, be used for the first time the truck purchased with this technology, Televisa is even planning to acquire between 15 and 20 PMW-F55 cameras-Sony, for them also work in this coverage.