Brainstorm and AMTEC conducted an Open House in Mexico City

brainstormDuring 2 consecutive days at the Fiesta Inn Colonia Escandon in Mexico City, Brainstorm Multimedia y AMTEC, Brainstorm authorized distributor for Mexico, Open House conducted a demonstration Template, them focusing on the latest novelties presented at IBC2014 Brainstorm, tanto of Aston 3D 1.2, advanced suite for creating 3D graphics in real time, The BrainNews 3.5, the generation system based news graphics templates and support MOS.

img_prod_gallery_brainnews_05Present by Brainstorm Carlos Morett and Quique Beneyto, accompanied by Octavio Rios and all the team at AMTEC, were demonstrations around the Aston 3D suite and especially the latest BrainNews oriented area news, as commented Carlos Morett, Brainstorm sales manager for the region,: "It has a software compatible with MOS, template-based news graphics. Introduces new features to your entire system, from the engine to the application of tools for journalists and specific applications for designers. It is now compatible with the new range of products led by Aston 3D Brainstorm, and features a new template to facilitate dynamic charting that improve workflow giving better support in terms of time ".

BrainNews is fully scalable and integrated graphics, This solution allows journalists and producers can customize and match graphics in their work dynamics news, without the constant intervention of the design department, counting as the main case study, system utilization by the company Reuters.

img_prod_gallery_brainnews_01That explains Beneyto Quique BrainNews, who was in charge of the talks in Mexico Brainstorm: "It is a global news graphics system, graphics that lets you shoot, having all the complete chain, from the generation of the graphic until it is in the air, It is a complete solution that is saving you time in your day to day work, the designers are responsible for generating the template for the journalist then fill, template generated in the graphic leaving grafista to fill a bandgap that is necessary, that way for the system to get there news reporter enter the chart either through an enews, Espn or any one news system, even makes the journalist prior to go seeing what is done and once done you can reach the server, I can say the editor is ready to go on the air and automatically takes you to the machine render, making the whole process very quickly and frees designers to do the tedious work, supporting the MOS protocol is the industry standard, still a very robust system that works great and a very dynamic work flow "- expanding relative to its cost – "We're below average, It really is a very affordable price for the excellent team possess powers "

Concluding Beneyto on Brainstorm in positioning in the market, he says: "We are in the presence of our products in the 5 continents, U.S., logically Spain and South side, cases such as Chile, Colombia and Mexico are countries that see a lot of potential "in the latter agreeing Carlos Morett: "Brainstorm Mexico are for a market of importance, because it is always in the forefront of technology and where our local presence is getting stronger, thanks to the good work of our dealer AMTEC ".

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