Argentina: Clarín Group confirmed that it will sell its pay TV signals

Grupo ClarinThe Shareholders' Meeting of Grupo Clarin approved the decision not to give up their pay TV signals, that had been nucleated in the unit called 4 and are TyCSports, Magazine, Return, I Music, Metro, Canal Rural, inter.

This unit is part of the fitness plan that Grupo Clarin provided to suit the scope of the law of audiovisual media.

The unit will be transferred temporarily to an integrated trust by Grupo Clarín, and potential as a seller 34 South Media LLC, that once showed interest in acquiring the signal group.

The trust will be administered by an independent third party who will have political rights and economic strategy that controls actions Grupo Clarin.

Clarin Group decided to change its strategy after the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services, approve the plan Supercanal adequacy and DirecTV Group, where part of their media were transferred to an independent company, its control.

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