Keys to the future of telecommunications

cisco_logoCisco revealed that shall be six keys to the telecommunications business in the immediate future, which are the following:

– Más software, menos hardware: amid this transition technology providers should take trend as public cloud, mobility, security, collaboration and technology architectures.

– Application Economics: you will enter an economy in applications. Users consume applications primarily.

– It is anticipated that in the near future there will be more consolidation of major players.

– Increased competition in the home will. Whoever controls the home win the battle of services in the region. Providers will not only connection to homes, but that will add service delivery.

– The business model of private cloud, hybrid and public will be consolidated in the coming years, star service as service providers.

– Internet of Things provides a great opportunity for service providers: the IoE or connecting things, processes and people will become a reality in the region. The internet of things, connect what is not connected.

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