Mexican Presidency presents national digital strategy

Tal como lo anuncio Enrique Peña Nieto se implementará una ventanilla única que permitirá acceder a todos los sitios de gobierno en un portal.

19F8D6E9A3D3E46A7ABFA981937F1-2The federal government presented its national digital strategy, in the next five years will be implemented in order for the country to move from fifth to first in digital access in Latin America.

“The objective is very clear: the use of technology to trigger the development of our country, innovation should be a source of prosperity impacting economic indicators, employment generation facilitating the provision of public services and transparency so prominently across government”, said the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The five enablers of digital strategy are: connectivity, inclusion, digital skills, interoperability, legal framework and open data.

Also, The president said that looking “implement the single window will allow government to have all government sites in one portal and scan around 7 thousand steps that will be available on site GOB.MX”.

In this plan, Mexico called connected, is expected that by the end of this 2013 will have a breakthrough 16% of all public sites 40 thousand spaces connected to internet, described it as one string.