Rovi: Full range of services, technologies and guidelines to promote the discovery and monetization entertainment

RenderImageRovi Corporation, that is demonstrating this week at Expo in booth CANITEC 606, between 28 and 30 May 2014 in Acapulco in Mexico, where attendees can see the full range of services, Rovi technologies and guides that are helping to drive the discovery and monetization entertainment, just announced the connected Rovi guides, Driven by a new open Rovi Cloud Platform, and a variety of innovative Rovi Cloud Services, for personalization and monetization entertainment. Connected Rovi guides are designed to provide a simple way for service providers to progressively realize, and effectively with respect to costs, the transition from diverse subscriber base to experience dynamic discovery, IP-based.

John Burke is executive vice president and chief operating officer for Rovi."Today, service providers globally are facing the challenges of a complex pay-TV environment composed of a significant number of legacy systems and a subscriber base of clients ranging from analog to those incorporating new platforms based on IP,"Said John Burke, Executive Vice President and COO of Rovi. "Our personalized guides, operated in the cloud, services like, allow sellers simplify the administration of this complex environment and provide experimental discovery the entire subscriber base, using the Internet Protocol, without requiring an overhaul of the infrastructure. "

Connected Rovi guides are composed of Rovi Guide for TV, HTML-based Smart TVs; Rovi Guide for Mobile, for tablets and smartphones based on iOS and Android, y Rovi Guide for Web, syndicated to enable discovery of entertainment on the web. The guidelines are an important variety respaladas by Rovi Cloud Services, designed to promote consumer participation, reduce churn and increase average revenue per user.

Rovi Cloud Services includes data Rovi recognized for Fun, that provide detailed information, images and editorial content on television, movies, celebrities and much more, así como Rovi Advertisement and Audience Management Services, designed to drive new revenue through audience analysis and targeted delivery of advertisements and promotions. Rovi Cloud Services también ofrece Remote Access Services, they allow controlling the functionality guides Rovi, as channel tuning and DVR management, by decoders regardless of whether such decoders are connected to Internet. Also, Rovi Cloud Services now offers new innovative capabilities designed to help customize the entertainment experience, and include voice activated interaction, through natural conversation, as well as contextual and predictive search, and recommendations.

The guides Rovi Rovi connected and Services provided by Rovi new Cloud Platform, having a huge amount of built-in intelligence to reduce costs, accelerate service deployment and improve performance. Rovi Cloud Platform helps service providers, application developers and OEMs to configure and customize Rovi Services and Guides based on their particular needs.