Francisco Valle takes al vs. TVC Mexico

header_home_262x1361TVC Communications is a division of WESCO Distribution, Inc. which is a leading provider of supply chain solutions for the communications industry in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. It offers both technology and products to build, maintain or upgrade their existing networks to support HFC, High Speed ​​Internet, and services for digital transmission. It has sales and support offices, and professional staff in the region, and in the case of Mexico, just take the conduction Francisco Valley in this interview we talk of all your goals in this new professional challenge facing.

FRANCISCO VALLE - TVC1-Since when is working on TVC Mexico, and what their previous path before reaching TVC?
Start my professional adventure industry in Cable Telecommunications 1991 as an account executive at Scientific Atlanta, since for a year to play after serving as Country Manager for three more years. Thereafter 1995 I joined a General Instruments as Regional Manager for Mexico and Central America, position occupied during 5 years after the position of Sales Director for the company BARCO Communications 6 years old, later collaborate as business manager in COMTEC, company of my good friend and mentor Eng. Pepe Lira, I had the pleasure of working on for almost COMTEC 8 years to finally be joining the TVC 2 last December at the invitation of my good friend year and now chief Ken Olsen, Vice President of TVC CALA.

2-What is your vision of TVC and what you think is the greatest value of the company?
TVC is a company that has many years in the industry so perfectly knows the market and also has significant resources to invest in large volumes of materials for distribution throughout the region, handle these volumes and costs that manages to get with leading manufacturers result in a very competitive offer for our customers, both price and delivery times and terms. In summary, the main value of TVC is experience and our commitment to the telecommunications industry in Mexico, and strategic alliances with leading technology manufacturers and materials.

3-How does it Cable TV market in Mexico?
The Cable Telecommunications Industry in Mexico is now living in a stage of evolution and consolidation extremely important, to chart a future of telecommunications in the country.
The main operators are upgrading their networks to offer new subscribers and increasingly better services Digital Video and High Definition, and High Speed ​​Internet and more bandwidth, and reliable phone services and high availability.
Being now the quality and availability of services differentiator between the operating companies.

4-What are your goals being at the head of Mexico TVC?
Today TVC is the distributor of technology solutions and industry-leading materials for cable Mexico and our goal in the short / medium term is to be in the telecommunications industry in general.

5—Por ultimo, as this armed structure TVC Mexico as new challenges planned wager
In addition to our range of equipment and materials, we have an area where working on IP development and integration projects Platforms Digital Video and HD, Insertion of Contents, Monitoring and Analysis Video, Platforms and Management and Bandwidth Control Data and Internet subscribers, and Transport Platforms for HFC Networks, RFoG, DPON, y FTTx.
As we are growing in the area of ​​IP technical and human resources.