Colombia: Juan Ramón Samper designado gerente de RTVC

RCTV-Juan-Ramon-SamperThe Colombian government Monday appointed Juan Ramon Samper Samper as manager of Public Media RTVC.

Samper is bogotano, He studied mechanical engineering at the University of the Andes and made a Magister in Business Administration from the same university.

From 1998 He worked with Casa Editorial El Tiempo, where he was leading brand not only newspaper, but the portfolio 17 total marks, including audiovisual media such as TV Canal City include. He was general manager of Multirevistas S.A. publisher of titles like 'Motor', 'Carousel' and 'Alo', inter alia.

He retired in 2006 to devote himself to teaching and university management in the CESA -College of Higher Education Administration-, where he led the higher education program in Strategic Marketing.

He has advised total quality control, corporative strategy, commercial and business, and delving into issues of creating and building brand equity, brand portfolio design, positioning, segmentation and media in different sectors such as fixed and mobile communications, financial, media, trade and industry.

In 2011 He was appointed plenipotentiary minister at the Embassy of Colombia in London. There was commissioned by the ambassador of representation in the Republic of Ireland, and he assumed the issues related to science and technology, education, innovation and research in the bilateral agenda.

Upon his return to the country, Anzola founded and Samper SAS, firm specializing in strategic transformation of organizations with which it has actively participated in successful projects such as the transformation of Corpoica in Agrosavia. Samper has been, also, member of several boards.

From 2018 He is an advisor to the Minister of Information Technology and Communications, Sylvia Constain, on issues related to regional television channels and public media system.

With his experience, se busca fortalecer el Sistema de Medios Públicos RTVC como marca y continuar su expansión multiplataforma. Also, avanzar en la unificación que le dé una identidad en imagen, contenidos y participación a las regiones, en donde todos los colombianos se sientan representados.

Source: Mintic

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